Saturday, September 4, 2010

Typography Thumbs

Typography Thumbnails
1) Diagonal typography type, Two small column type underneath in the bottom left corner, with a big BAUAUS B in the upper right corner. Can be flip-flopped if necessary. Page 2 of text will have 2 columns of text.

2) Typography in the top left corner. 3 columns of type underneath, and bauhaus across the bottom right, to top-right corners. Page 2 of text will have 3 columns of text.

3) Typography/Bauhaus logo in middle right corner, with 1 large column text box. Can be flip-flopped. Page 2 of text will have 2-3 columns of text.

4) Lot's of white space. Typography in top left corner, with 'history of type' underneath it. Will include brief history. Page 2 of text will have the history of bauhaus, with 3 columns of text.
Simple layout.
* I personally like this layout.
- will add a pop of color for a bit of contrast.

5) Typography/History of type in a diagonal form. A bit of white space, but there will be a spice of color in the layout (light blues, maybe reds and or greens). Lines in the layout to guide your eyes, with two text boxes on the right and left side(s) of those lines. Page 2, will be a 2 column layout, with more history of typography.

6) Bauhaus Layout. BIG B over the type. Not really a good layout ides, but it does look pretty cool. Page 2, will have 3 columns about the history of bauhaus.

I personally like #4, because it's simple, but can be made a little bit more complex.

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