Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Book Report: The Complete Guide to Digital Graphic Design

My teacher gave everyone in class a book assignment to find books in your local library/bookstore that give way to intellectual design in your own work, a book report of sorts. I got two books, from half-price books. But I liked one, more than the other. The one I liked is called The Complete Guide to Digital Graphic Design. For $6-$8? You can't really go wrong. I really like both books, even though I just got them. They're colorful and have both Digital and Illustrated design, and the type formatting of both books, is wonderful. But I like the organization of The Complete Guide to Digital Graphic Design

The pages are colorful, and have two-to-three-dimensional design. It showcases some of the best practitioners in the field of print, exhibitions design, advertising, signage, packaging, multimedia, and the Web. Provides in-depth information on design basics like type, color, and images, technical issues that designers today face, hands you stunning examples of design graphics from around the world. This book is ideal for those who are not only studying graphic design, but for those of whom are already in the field. It is beautifully illustrated and provides a very sound introduction to the very modern graphic design(er).


Finished my brochure. My graphic teacher wanted me to put back in Millennium Park & Navy Pier, but they're not really a 'state' park. Millennium park is just a park and Navy Pier is like a playground. So I put in one more State Park, called White Pines.


So, my gradeschool art teacher lives at the end of my courtyard (ie. 2 houses down) and for the 10 years I've lived here, they've had a gorgeous tree in their front yard. Well, no longer. They chopped it down because it was rotting in the middle - it would have fallen on it's own eventually but I'm gonna miss it. :( The courtyard does look sunnier though...

Thursday, September 23, 2010


So, this kinda sucks. I had to re-do my whole travel brochure because my (bleeping) PC decided it didn't want to transfer over to a PDF file in order for me to be 'done' with my project. UGH. I wanted to throw it at a wall, but I got everything fixed, even though I had to redo it. I'm happy with this one, because I just decided to do State Parks, Instead of 'Travel Chicago'. Narrowed it down. All the colors match better now, too.

Friday, September 17, 2010

t r a v e l . b r o c h u r e

Started on my travel brochure for my graphics class. i think it's started off pretty well. I love, love LOVE the blurred composition, and how bright the fountain looks.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Menu - Start

Type Formatting - Menu

Started on my menu project during class last night. I'm doing it after a local chinese restaurant near my house. They have amazing, gourmet Chinese food/cuisine. Myself and my family is really good friends with the Owner, Sunny, because we went there when the restaurant first opened since we heard so many good things about it. I heavily recommend them if you're looking for a good, Chinese meal, made by family oriented people.

I did a basic color scheme, of khaki brown, brown and a tan, along with green for contrast with black text. I did a modern type theme. I think the cover of the menu might have too much text? But I'm not really sure...hm. I only just did a simple layout to show what I really wanted it to look like. So the first 3-ish pages are laid out to show what it would look like, and I'll probably add some photos or something later on, once I know what my teacher thinks. :| The bottom one I did a burgundy color cause I didn't really know what I was going for. I do like the futura text, because it has a modern feel to it, which I kind've implemented into the top one.

Finally got...

I finally got ADOBE IN-DESIGN. Cs3, but still. :)
I love you, BIT-TORRENT.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Type Format Project

Typography Project

I basically did a homage to Bauhaus.
I did originally have 3 columns of type, but went down to 2, so that the text didn't make 'rivers'. My teacher told me to try 2 column designs - I really did like my three column one. Underneath, though, is the one with 2 columns, spruced up and fixed. :)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Typography Thumbs

Typography Thumbnails
1) Diagonal typography type, Two small column type underneath in the bottom left corner, with a big BAUAUS B in the upper right corner. Can be flip-flopped if necessary. Page 2 of text will have 2 columns of text.

2) Typography in the top left corner. 3 columns of type underneath, and bauhaus across the bottom right, to top-right corners. Page 2 of text will have 3 columns of text.

3) Typography/Bauhaus logo in middle right corner, with 1 large column text box. Can be flip-flopped. Page 2 of text will have 2-3 columns of text.

4) Lot's of white space. Typography in top left corner, with 'history of type' underneath it. Will include brief history. Page 2 of text will have the history of bauhaus, with 3 columns of text.
Simple layout.
* I personally like this layout.
- will add a pop of color for a bit of contrast.

5) Typography/History of type in a diagonal form. A bit of white space, but there will be a spice of color in the layout (light blues, maybe reds and or greens). Lines in the layout to guide your eyes, with two text boxes on the right and left side(s) of those lines. Page 2, will be a 2 column layout, with more history of typography.

6) Bauhaus Layout. BIG B over the type. Not really a good layout ides, but it does look pretty cool. Page 2, will have 3 columns about the history of bauhaus.

I personally like #4, because it's simple, but can be made a little bit more complex.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bauhaus Typography

I think I'm going to do some bauhaus for my typography project. I'm infatuated with the type and also, it's german - which helps a lot too, since I'm half-german. :) I mean look at this:


Who wouldn't wanna do a typography project after bauhaus? A loser. :|


Learning about typography history in class. Mm.
I dunno what to think about it honestly, but I don't even know where to start on my project. :|