Friday, September 10, 2010

Menu - Start

Type Formatting - Menu

Started on my menu project during class last night. I'm doing it after a local chinese restaurant near my house. They have amazing, gourmet Chinese food/cuisine. Myself and my family is really good friends with the Owner, Sunny, because we went there when the restaurant first opened since we heard so many good things about it. I heavily recommend them if you're looking for a good, Chinese meal, made by family oriented people.

I did a basic color scheme, of khaki brown, brown and a tan, along with green for contrast with black text. I did a modern type theme. I think the cover of the menu might have too much text? But I'm not really I only just did a simple layout to show what I really wanted it to look like. So the first 3-ish pages are laid out to show what it would look like, and I'll probably add some photos or something later on, once I know what my teacher thinks. :| The bottom one I did a burgundy color cause I didn't really know what I was going for. I do like the futura text, because it has a modern feel to it, which I kind've implemented into the top one.

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