Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Finished HOW MAGAZINE :)

Above is my cover; I did a raindrop tutorial on it, but it was so simple to do, that I wanted to do a different and more difficult tutorial on the inside, 2-page spread.

Next, is my 2-page spread, with a fantasy photo manipulation tutorial, that I simplified some steps on and changed up from its original steps to make it more eerie and grungy.

Finally, the finished product of the tutorial. :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

HOW Magazine: Re-do

So, I had to re-do my whole magazine. I got the cover done so far, but nothing else, really. I like it, and I was going to go as far as making it look more like the star wars scrolling type but I figured that it would be hard to read. I did, however, go back in and find a tutorial on how to make a smoky looking face outline. I couldn't get it to look just right with the photo I decided to use, but I think it adds something more to the cover. It needed something MORE~. I did, however, have to download smokey brushes for it, rather than going in through the filters and making them. OH WELL. xD

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Book Report: The Complete Guide to Digital Graphic Design

My teacher gave everyone in class a book assignment to find books in your local library/bookstore that give way to intellectual design in your own work, a book report of sorts. I got two books, from half-price books. But I liked one, more than the other. The one I liked is called The Complete Guide to Digital Graphic Design. For $6-$8? You can't really go wrong. I really like both books, even though I just got them. They're colorful and have both Digital and Illustrated design, and the type formatting of both books, is wonderful. But I like the organization of The Complete Guide to Digital Graphic Design

The pages are colorful, and have two-to-three-dimensional design. It showcases some of the best practitioners in the field of print, exhibitions design, advertising, signage, packaging, multimedia, and the Web. Provides in-depth information on design basics like type, color, and images, technical issues that designers today face, hands you stunning examples of design graphics from around the world. This book is ideal for those who are not only studying graphic design, but for those of whom are already in the field. It is beautifully illustrated and provides a very sound introduction to the very modern graphic design(er).


Finished my brochure. My graphic teacher wanted me to put back in Millennium Park & Navy Pier, but they're not really a 'state' park. Millennium park is just a park and Navy Pier is like a playground. So I put in one more State Park, called White Pines.